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The perfect place to enjoy life and food

Many things change over the course of time: our desires, our jobs and our pastimes. One thing that has remained the same, however, is the desire for rest, at the end of a long day of activity.
This desire becomes even more acute when we are away from home, whether for work or holidays, the days are exhausting and all we want is a bed to lie on.
In Sirmione we are aware of this, as we are well aware that whatever is the reason for visiting our wonderful city, whether it is to discover the shores of Lake Garda, for work or to discover the Roman remains and immerse yourself in history, at the end of the day you will all look for the same thing: a comfortable bed and the serenity of a room ready to welcome you.
The Apartments San Lorenzo annexed to the property above the restaurant are born from the desire to dedicate to our guests and their friends an experience of an elegant, unique, Italian, experience of stay, which enhances the attention to detail and the memory of tradition in a warm atmosphere, a free port from the weariness of the day, located in the historic center of Sirmione one of the most beautiful locations of Lake Garda custom built to meet the needs of every type of visitor.

To harmonise the environment, we have relied on the experience of skilful architects. The spaces of the apartments have been organized in order to create a harmonious place, beneficial for physical and mental health.

Romeo and Giulietta

Are you a couple looking for the romance of our city? Romeo and Giulietta apartments are ready to welcome you, guiding your love story to a very different end than the one of the lovers from whom they take their name.
San lorenzo_Appartamento_Giulietta-12

Catullo, Benaco and Virgilio

Have you come to Sirmione to discover our story? The story of commanders, poets and philosophers? Then you cannot miss a stay in the apartments Catullo, Benaco and Virgilio, also designed for couples but that can accommodate up to four people without problems.
But we do not stop there: if the aim is to be able to welcome everyone, there is still a way to go. And so, in the apartments just mentioned we have two rooms accessible by wheelchair, so that there are no architectural barriers, not for your rest!

Carducci and Callas

For the more adventurous guests we offer the suite Carducci, located on the top floor of the property and for larger families we have the apartment Callas, ready to accommodate up to six people!
San lorenzo_Appartamento_Callas-35
Each apartment is equipped with the most absolute comfort, with internet connection and air conditioning/heating. And to satisfy other appetites, born perhaps after seeing the wonderful veranda of lime trees in front of the window, once you have rested a bit your "corpo lasso", as Dante said, you can go down a few steps and have a refreshing meal in the restaurant San Lorenzo, with its specialties of fish from the lake and sea, land and, of course, since we are Italian, pizza.

Whether for business or pleasure, let us take care of the most tedious part and offer you everything you need: you will only have to care about enjoying Sirmione and its beauties.

Just think of enjoying Sirmione and its beauties