Golf special



Golf is a very underrated sport, as often happens with things that conceal true value. For an ordinary person it’s just a matter of rotating a club, trying to make a ball spin into a hole.
A vision so earthly that it almost touches heresy. We know what golf is: it’s adventure, it’s challenge, it’s relaxation and competition. And that’s why we are happy to offer you 10 prestigious Golf Clubs, so that both veterans and amateurs can discover this noble discipline easily.
About ten prestigious names to choose from, from Chervò Golf San Vigilio to Franciacorta Golf Club in the land of sparkling wines, to be able to choose the courses that best suit the experience you want to have, while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the hills of Lake Garda, being careful, of course, not to target your shots at the waters of the lake!
Everything accompanied by the best natural beauties and food and wine, to offer you a complete package of which you will never be satiated.

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