Garda Island, San Felice

Turning our gaze towards the interior of the Lake, our attention cannot help but fall on the Island of Garda, the largest strip of land hosted by the lake waters.
This attention is therefore directed towards the places where the hermitage of other great men had been built, from Francis of Assisi, who created a hermitage in the northern part, to Dante Alighieri.
Today it houses a splendid villa in Neo-Gothic-Venetian style that is still cared for today by the descendants of those who built it and who, since 2002, have opened the island to tourist visits.




Verona is just a 30-minute drive away: a city on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.
With its charming Roman amphitheatre, second only to the Colosseum of Rome, the Arena of Verona, every summer turns into a splendid stage under the stars and the party continues in the streets and squares of this beautiful city.
Verona will enchant you with its historical monuments, its architectural works or simply with a shopping day in its historic center.




Discover the art and nature treasures of this city which boasts impressive Renaissance buildings wrapped in the unique atmosphere of the main squares Broletto, Erbe and Sordello.
Surrounded by three lakes, this city was a centre of culture and art in the glorious times of the Gonzaga kingdom. And it still is, thanks to its cultural institutions, museums and galleries that keep alive this soul as a “patron”.
And art as always strikes us even in its most everyday aspect: the one at the table. For this reason, once in Mantua, do not miss its gastronomic specialities such as a mantuan risotto, pumpkin tortelli or the typical sbrisolona cake.




A city that needs no introduction: unique in the world with its lagoon and the art and culture it hosts, Venice will welcome you not only as one of the most famous cities in the world, but also as a friend ready to let you try unique tastes and flavors.

Take a walk in St Mark’s Square or stop to sip a glass of good wine while listening to the songs coming from the gondolas.

As you look down towards the inclined chalice, you can’t help but think of the islands of the lagoon, Murano and Burano and to the glasswork. In short: art, cuisine and folklore come together to give you an unforgettable experience.

Link: www.turismovenezia.i




There are few Italian cultural centres that can compete with Milan: with the title of world capital of fashion and its million and a half inhabitants, it is sufficient to raise your eyes to the Duomo to feel small and outcast.

But don’t worry: Milan is a city that knows how to take care of those who come to discover it. Come and get to know the ancient Mediolanum, one of the neuralgic centres of the Roman history and more: the art transmitted by its buildings, by the museums and by the waterways of the Naviglio Grande… everything appears to convey what was and what is still this city.

Not surprisingly, Milan is the second most visited city in Italy (after Rome) thanks to its economic, editorial and fashion hub that makes it unique.





And after the intimidating grandeur of Milan, we move to Bergamo, which will welcome and soothe our efforts.
“The city of the Mille” has marked history with its participation in the homonymous enterprise of Giuseppe Garibaldi and still seems to want to speak of distant times, but without wanting to remain anchored in the past.
And so, it is that the distant art kept alive by buildings, libraries and museums, is complemented by cinema, theater and music. And the cuisine: because we are Italian and we like good food. Thus we taste polenta and osei, both its sweet and salty form, casonsei and many cold cuts and cheeses.
All accompanied by a Moscato di Scanzo, because there is no better way to appreciate a city like Bergamo without doing it with a full stomach.